Tue 30th May | 2017

Ben Whitman Volunteers for Palm Beach County Bar Association’s Law Week at Local Elementary School

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Earlier this month, the Palm Beach County Bar Association sponsored its annual Law Week, an event that offers numerous programs and community engagement opportunities for the public to learn about the law, their rights, and our justice system. This year, Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman Associate Ben J. Whitman volunteered his time to support the non-profit’s Law Week by helping out with the Mock Trial event at Seminole Trails Elementary School in West Palm Beach.

Law Week is designed to provide direct services to local communities, and to educate the public about the legal profession and how the law impacts the everyday lives of citizens and consumers. A large part of law week includes volunteer work for attorneys to oversee Mock Trials at local public schools, or to appear as guest speakers who discuss their careers as practicing lawyers.

As part of his work, Mr. Whitman helped conduct the Mock Trial at Seminole Trails Elementary, which featured students taking the roles of legal professionals and citizens in a staged trial through which students can better understand legal concepts and courtroom procedure.

Mr. Whitman helped guide students through the trial process, sharing his insight and experience to how courtrooms operate and how issues are adjudicated through the law. His work helps teach basic premises of the law to students and plays a critical role in sparking the interests of our next generation of legal minds and engaged citizens.