Fri 28th Mar | 2014

$1.7 Million Recovery for Client Injured in Auto Collision Resulting in Spinal Fusion

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Mark Clark and Christa L. McCann obtained a $1.7 million recovery for a client who suffered spine injuries as a result of an automobile collision involving a commercially owned vehicle. As a result of the client’s injuries, the client was required to undergo a multi-level spinal fusion. After suit was filed against the defendant driver and the corporate employer, the defendants denied liability and blamed the client for causing the crash. In addition, the defendants maintained that the client’s injuries were not caused by the accident. However, Clark and McCann were able to establish through the testimony of the medical and rehabilitation experts on both sides that the client’s injuries were caused by the subject accident and that these injuries limited the client’s pre-accident employment capabilities. As a result, Clark and McCann were successful in negotiating a $1.7 million dollar settlement with the defendants. This settlement will cover the cost of the client’s medical treatment and loss of earning ability and will compensate the client for the non-economic damages caused by the accident.

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