Wed 15th Oct | 2014

Medical Malpractice Alert: Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Second Opinion

Medical Malpractice BY

Many medical malpractice errors occur when MRIs, x-rays, pathology slides or other tests are read as normal when they are not, or misread as abnormal when normal. There is nothing wrong with asking for a second read of your tests, especially if you feel the problem has not resolved.

Clark Fountain has successfully pursued and reached confidential settlements for several clients whose cases involved failure to diagnose broken vertebrae that ultimately resulted in paralysis, failure to diagnose cancer on pathology slides that caused death or an increased risk of recurrence, and failure to diagnose brain hemorrhages that caused death, among others.

Similarly, attorneys Mike Smith and Nancy La Vista recently obtained a confidential settlement on behalf of a family for the wrongful death of the spouse due to failure to timely diagnose a cardiac condition, which prevented timely and proper treatment by the cardiologist. If you feel an issue is not being resolved, please request a second opinion.