Mon 20th May | 2024

Dinetz Obtains Significant Confidential Settlement Against Florida Detox Treatment Center After Man Dies Of Overdose

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman’s Jennifer A. Dinetz recently secured a confidential seven-figure settlement for the surviving parents of a young man who overdosed at a Florida drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. In pursuing this case against the center, Dinetz shed light on a series of systemic failures within the facility’s security thereby putting its vulnerable patients in precarious situations.

The incident occurred when the young man, under the 24-hour supervised care of the drug addiction center’s faculty, fatally overdosed on fentanyl in his room. The decedent was found hours later, despite the center’s policy to check on him every fifteen minutes. His death raised serious questions about the facility’s untrained and unqualified staff as well as its lack of operational standards and adherence to its residents’ safety.

Dinetz’s investigation revealed a distressing pattern of negligence at the drug addiction center, including non-operational surveillance cameras, alarms without chimes, and the lack of standards to ensure the perimeter was secure despite advertising to be a safe and controlled environment for those suffering for a price of nearly $4,000.00 a day.

“These findings are more than just legal violations; they represent a profound failure in basic human care and responsibility,” said Jennifer A. Dinetz. “Our pursuit of this case goes beyond justice for this one young man; it is about demanding accountability and ensuring that such negligence does not go unchecked.”

The confidential settlement reached is substantial, serving as a stark reminder of the consequences of negligence in healthcare facilities. This case not only offers redress for the surviving parents but also seeks to drive improvements in standards of care within such establishments.

For further details on the investigation or comments from Attorney Jennifer A. Dinetz, please call 561-899-2144.

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