wheelchair When someone sustains an injury, it can be difficult to endure. But when an individual is paralyzed as a result of an injury, it is an overwhelming and life-altering experience not only for the injured person but for his or her loved ones as well. Catastrophic injuries resulting in paralysis can lead to long-term emotional stress, physical limitations and financial ruin. In fact, many clients with these types of injuries amass millions of dollars in medical bills.

Spinal cord injuries result in many forms of paralysis. Paraplegia is the paralysis of two limbs whereas the quadriplegia involves paralysis from the neck down, normally affecting all four limbs to some extent.

Unfortunately, many times these types of injuries are caused as a result of someone else’s negligence, whether it be a car accident, a defective product or medical malpractice. If you or your loved one has been paralyzed as a result of another person’s negligence or due to what you believe may be a defective product or medical malpractice, we are the law firm you should contact. We can assist you through the complex legal maneuvering, and hold the at-fault parties accountable for their actions.

Our experienced team of attorneys, investigators, paralegals and nurses at Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Prather, Keen & Littky-Rubin have a history of successfully representing individuals who have been paralyzed by someone else’s negligent actions, a defective product or medical malpractice in Florida and throughout the United States. The results of these successes are proven by the multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements we have received for our clients over the years.

In one out of state verdict, our firm’s attorneys obtained a more than $18 million dollar recovery for a client rendered a quadriplegic due to a tire separation and vehicle rollover with roof crush in a defective product case.

Another one of our clients was rear-ended by a vehicle and suffered a rupture of a major artery resulting in paraplegia. Through relentless advocacy, our firm’s attorneys were able to secure a multi-million dollar confidential settlement for our client.

In another product liability case, our firm recovered $9 million on behalf of a client who was injured as a result of a vehicle rollover caused by a defective tire, which rendered the client a quadriplegic.

Our firm also obtained a $5 million settlement on behalf of a woman who was paralyzed in a car accident after a speeding driver hit the woman and her son, causing their vehicle hit the shoulder of the roadway before rolling multiple times. The woman spent almost two months in the hospital recovering from her injuries. As a result of the accident, she is now a paraplegic.

In one of our many medical malpractice cases, our firm obtained a multi-million dollar confidential settlement on behalf of a client who was paralyzed as a result of the treatment she received following a routine back surgery known as a discectomy, which resulted in an irreversible spinal cord injury. Medical experts determined that the client’s post-surgical care was insufficient and unacceptable according to the standards set by the medical community. The firm was able to obtain a similar verdict in another case in which a woman was temporarily paralyzed after a doctor failed to recognize and correct a post-operative complication.

If you or someone you love has been paralyzed as a result of someone else’s negligence, call our firm. We know this is a difficult situation for you and your family. Let us worry about the legal complexities while you focus on the care and treatment required for such a catastrophic injury. We are dedicated to obtaining the justice you deserve.